July 4th weekend activities

Tomorrow I’m off to Piscataway, NJ, for TES Fest, my first TES Fest in 10 years, and I’m very excited. First, I’m very grateful that the organizers asked me to conduct a class–which is scheduled for noon on Monday–and to participate in both the book signing and the celebrity auction. (see below)

Saturday and Sunday mornings from 9-noon, I’ll be volunteering at the registration desk. Please say hi, or introduce yourself if I don’t know you.

A perusal of the classes offered at TES Fest will give you a good idea of the vast variety of interests that will be represented this weekend. A couple of my friends are conducting classes, so I wanted to give them a little plug here.

Melanie, of the Long Island Leather N Roses group, is teaching “Let’s Give the Boys a Hand!–Techniques for an incredible hand job” and “Baby You blow me Away!”–Techniques for an incredible blow job.” Hey, a little instruction never hurt.

Traveling Fool, a friend who likes electrical play, will be teaching two classes on the Violet Wand, one for beginners and one more advanced. He’s been trying to talk me into receiving a demo. I am curious and may check out one of his classes, even though I’ve never been a big fan of how electrical play feels.

In my class, “Payback doesn’t have to be a bitch: Topping for bottoms,” I’m going to be combining a discussion of the physical aspects of topping with its psychological and perhaps spiritual sides.

So, there’s a lot of stuff happening this weekend, a lot of activities that’ll require me to be “on,” but I am grabbing as much free time after my “work” is done, and I’m going to be having fun and playing.

If you’re interested in playing, either at TES Fest or more privately, email me at mscassandrapark@gmail.com.

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