Changing my look & business

After September 30, 2011, I’ll no longer be booking professional dominance/discipline sessions. All present appointments up till then will, of course, take place.

My life is fluctuating and I realize my major need now is to be creative (writing, editing and artwork). I’ve designed a bunch of scene-related t-shirts, which I debuted at Crimson Moon. I am designing more of those and will be selling them here.

Contact me at for purchase info. (Provide t-shirt size and desired color; presently white, gray, black, purple and aqua are the available choices, but I can probably expand that.) Shirts are $15 plus shipping, except for XX and XXX, which are $18 plus shipping. I’m going to have the website set up soon for electronic purchases.

My blog, “Sandy’s Room,” will be combined with this website. Therefore, in the future I’ll be writing about all of my scene life, topping and bottoming, on one blog. I’ll maintain a link so that anyone can read old posts.

Don’t worry, I’ll still be running around and playing as much as before, topping as well as bottoming. I hope everyone continues to visit this site, checks out the merchandise and makes comments. The pics will be up shortly. Stay tuned.


  1. SueNY

    Very cool, Sandy! All the best in your new venture! :)

  2. Mike

    Best of luck with your new projects. I’m not big on T shirts, but I know you write very well and that’s going to be valuable in whatever direction you go.

    Looks like your hair is getting longer, too, and that’s always a good thing. ;)

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