Crimson Moon report

I debuted my t-shirt designs at this year’s Crimson Moon Summer Spanktacular, and also sold my book, “It’s SUPPOSED to Hurt!” and my friend D.L. King’s Book, “Spank!”for which I’d written the introduction.

Thanks to all who purchased the books and the shirts, especially those who preordered t’s for designs that weren’t available in the correct size. I am working hard to get all the new t-shirts made; they will be shipped soon. I also appreciate all the feedback and good thoughts about my art; even if a purchase isn’t made it’s nice to know when I make someone laugh.

I’m continuing to work on the webpages here so that I can feature all my new designs. If anyone wishes to order one of the shirts in the meantime, please email me with the specifics. Also, if you have a design in mind please let me know and I’ll try to create it.

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