Home after vanilla weekend

Spent the weekend in a vanilla way while Rad (and PipTheGreat) held down the fort at home. It was nice getting to the beach with my sisters, but sisters being what they are, there were a few tense moments. Sometimes I wish I could be open with my family about my kink and my lifestyle, but that’s impossible. They are religious, each in different ways, and I’m not. One sister is conservative, and I’m not. She started on a topic that I felt we best not discuss. She wisely agreed and peace was maintained. 

I came back to the city after a four-hour drive, partially caused by a GPS that believed I needed to drive over the Brooklyn Bridge to downtown Manhattan … when I was already IN downtown Manhattan. I had my Bluetooth headset on and called Rad; he was able to talk me through the correct directions. I love modern technology … sometimes. 

I met my Dom just before heading over to the monthly meeting of the HypnoClub. Author/teacher Lee Harrington was teaching a class on “playing between the ears,” using hypnotism for erotic/sensual purposes. I love Lee’s classes, he’s funny and yet always listens to feedback. Above all, he never makes anyone feel stupid for asking a particular question.

My Dom wasn’t in the right head space to practice hypnosis, and I was so tired that I suspected I’d fall asleep if I actually tried to be hypnotized. So we just listened to the talk, providing input here and there when it was appropriate to comment, then socialized afterward. I dropped my Dom off at Penn Station for his train back to Long Island, then I drove home in the pouring rain.

Horrible drive. That, and the fact that the weekend down the shore was a little emotionally charged, meant that it was really good to finally get back home to Queens. I missed Rad :-(

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