We are going to FetFest! I can’t go to Shadow Lane this year, a major disappointment, but my Dom asked me to consider FetFest instead, which is a camping weekend and a lot less expensive. I’ve never been to a camping fetish event before, although I’ve always loved the idea and have wanted to. I’m a long-time camper in the vanilla world.

I don’t want to get overwhelmed and shy because I don’t know that many people. I also don’t want to go nuts and try to hook up with and meet too many people. I want it to be a relaxing weekend, with just enough activity.

In particular, I want to explore play with other women. Any kind of play, but especially rope play, perhaps some wax or fire play, and maybe some discipline play thrown in as well. I am open to sensual/sexual exploration …

Here is the personal ad that we posted on the FetLife group, FetFest Personals:

Fun, adventurous couple looking for play.

I’ve been to many spanking and BDSM parties, but FetFest will be my very first kinky camping event. I’ll be attending with my Dom, Spike_NY, but I am a switch so I’m planning to top as well.

My Dom is looking for fit, attractive women for rope bondage, sensation play, knife play, spanking, caning, nipple torture and more. We are interested in co-topping if that is something you like, but we’ll also be playing individually.

I’d like to top younger men and women who are intelligent and have a positive outlook and a good sense of humor. As a top I like to do domestic/corporal play (especially spanking, caning and strapping); bondage with rope, tape or other material; CBT; humiliation and other play. I like to play hard but I adjust play levels according to my bottom’s pain tolerance. (See my alter ego, Ms. Cassandra)

As a bottom I’m hoping to meet confident, intelligent, healthy tops into rope bondage/suspension, domestic discipline/spanking, single tailing, flogging, wax play, fire play, humiliation and other types of play. I can take a reasonable amount of pain with the right person. I’m especially hoping to play with strong, tough women. If you’d like to co-top me with my Dom, that’s also an option.

My Dom and I will be staying in the Rope Village, but we’ll certainly be visiting other villages.

Please message me or Spike_NY or leave a response here. … Sandy

Click on FetFest logo at right for the event page on FetLife. 

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