Back to School (TES party) tonight

“School days, school days, dear old golden rul(er) days! Stern teachers with canes, mean principles with leather belts, bad children tied up in the punishment corner…let your imagination, and your memories, run wild! Come join us for some old fashioned discipline at the TES Back to School Party hosted by Jay/Traveling Fool and Mary Ann. Spank, cane, and punish the night away. As usual, they’ll be plenty of good music and a terrific buffet. School will be in session at Paddles.” Event link on FetLife:

I’ll be out as a volunteer for TES, and yes, I’ll  be both giving and getting tonight. I think I WILL bring my big school paddle. Oh, OK — I’ll bring the canes, too. I know of at least ONE deserving young man who could use a caning.



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