Pressure point play

My Dom has been exploring different types of pain with me over the last couple months, and for his birthday I got him a book on pressure point play, “The Finer Points of Pain and Pleasure” by Fifth Angel. He’s been reading that and other books, and exploring certain areas on my body where applying pressure can cause a lot of pain. He has a martial arts background, so he already had knowledge about what areas of the body are especially sensitive (click on photo for one example of a martial arts pressure point technique).

In particular he likes to torture my ribs, my neck, certain points near my collar bone, my nipples and my underarms. The last two are particularly sensitive for me. He uses a blunt tool, a kind of rounded-tip “pointer,” to press directly on my nipple. I think it’s painful to get my nipples clamped, but this different kind of pain had me yelping. I had similar reactions when he pressed into the dip of my underarm.

He sometimes “cheats” a little by using pokey toys, such as a toothpick, which he’s used to torture various parts of my body. He likes to go after my feet. It’s nasty. If you know me, you know I try to take whatever my Dom feels like giving me. But this is difficult play for me. I think it’s made more difficult by the fact that we’re not putting on a huge show. He’s applying pressure, or something pointy like the toothpick, and it’s a subtle form of play. It’s not a dramatic flogging or single-tailing or some other obviously painful play. People nearby at a party might not even know why I’ve suddenly screamed. I think someone asked one time if I was having an orgasm. Heh. Not really…

He decided to give a demo of this play at the Sept. 13 meeting of the Long Island Leather N Roses group, with me of course as the demo bottom. I wanted to write up a description of the talk earlier, but things got pretty busy and I couldn’t find time. However, my friend Joey (“joeyred54 on FetLife), who was attending the meeting, said he really enjoyed it and he sent me a description of the scene from his point of view in the audience.

I’m not going to post his entire write-up, mainly because it’s written in second person and I feel slightly self-conscious about that. But also, I want to write my own comments about what he observed and I don’t want to make it too long.

He wrote that before we began, I had “the look of an athlete preparing for a long and painful run.  Shallow breathing with that far-away look in your eyes.”

I was trying to prepare. There were about 40 or 50 people in the room and, while I’m not nervous about being “on display” at a party or club, this was a little different. I worry about not being able to handle things, or handling them in an “undignified manner,” ie, making too much noise.

Joey wrote: “When NYS (Spike_NY, my Dom) engaged the group, the chatter stopped and everyone was riveted on the two of you.   He gently massaged your neck as he spoke about scene safety and pressure point play. Although I am sure that some of it was pleasurable, you never lost that anxious look of someone who knows that intense pain will soon follow.” 

True! I was pretty scared. He’d hinted that some serious pain could occur.

“As (NYS) gradually ramped up the action, the anxiety on your face increased and you took more and more deeper breaths trying to relax yourself. … You took the poking very well and NYS knew instinctively when to give you a break and massage you as he continually spoke to the group.

“Throughout …  you left the details of the scene up to NYS, as does the perfect bottom. …”

Ha! I’m far from being the perfect bottom.

“… Each time he asked your approval for something he wanted to do, you told him it was  up to him. … I had seen the rope and ball gag and wondered if they would be used. When NYS indicated that he was going to tie you to the chair because of the intensity of the next scene, I think my heart skipped a beat and my skin tingled.”

I’m glad someone appreciated it! And I was happy I was being tied. It allowed me less freedom, which can help me psychologically in a hard scene.

“When he put the ball gag on to muffle your screams, the visceral reaction in my body to the pain I knew you would soon endure was intense. At that point, NYS used the toothpicks with incredible skill as he found one pain point after another in your feet and legs.  Several times he threatened to tie your feet, which settled you down. …”

I didn’t feel very “settled down” at all. I was jumping all over as he poked me. At one point he brought out a knife and clicked it open. Shit. He knows I love knife play … (not so much on the feet) but it scares me. I can’t honestly say which was harder to take, the knife or the toothpick. It may have been the toothpick simply because he wasn’t pressing as hard with the knife.

“At this point, you actually seemed more relaxed and focused on processing the pain. With each poke of the toothpick, the pain intensified and you screamed very loud even though you had the gag in your mouth.”

A gag to me is like bondage. It’s sometimes more decorative (and psychological) than functional.

It was a pretty fun demo. Some of the more painful things my Dom had me worried about didn’t happen. That would also have involve exposing myself more, and I was very happy he didn’t ask me to do that.

Thanks, Joey, for helping me recall what had happened, and for writing up your description.





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