I had some terrific experiences this weekend in Chicago at the Crimson Moon’s Halloween “Spooktacular.” A lot of play goes on at spanking parties, because, although there are many people who just love spanking, there are also many people who love spanking as well as other types of play. In the past I’ve been tied up, flogged and single-tailed (among other things).

This weekend was no exception. I got to Chicago late Thursday night, said hello to some people but did not hang out for too long as I was pretty beat. The next day I had some work to do in the morning/early afternoon, so didn’t actually start “my” party until around 2 p.m.

Miss Chief had organized, for the second year in a row, an all-female play party. When I got to the room, I was still sort of decompressing from my travels the day before and the work I’d just finished, so I didn’t really feel like being spanked yet and I wasn’t sure who I wanted to spank. But I saw that one of the women was about to do a “fire cupping” scene on another woman. I had seen this from across the room last year and wanted to get a closer view both of the technique and of the bottom’s reaction.

Fire cupping involves taking a glass cup, igniting a wand and heating up the inside of the glass, then sticking the glass to the body so that the suction lifts a big “hickie” into the glass. It’s the strangest looking thing.

During the demo at the party, after 7 or 8 cups had been placed, the top began to move them around on the skin. The bottom made some moaning noises. Were they noises of pleasure or pain? I couldn’t tell; some people process pain differently. I finally just asked her how it felt. She said it was like a hot rock massage and that it just felt warm. Not painful.

When the top was done her first fire-cupping scene, I asked if she would let me experience it. I’m open to new types of play that don’t seem TOO over-the-top. Fire cupping is certainly different, but it didn’t seem risky and the “victims” seemed to enjoy it. Still, I wondered if the sensation would freak me out. I don’t react well to electrical play, even the non-painful kind — it’s an irritating feeling to me. I thought maybe I’d react that way to cupping: It wouldn’t hurt, it would just feel weird and uncomfortable.

But I’m game for new adventures. There’s always safe words if you need them! I took off my shirt and lay down on the bed. The dom first rubbed my back all over with baby oil. She explained later that the oil makes the cups move more easily and it’s a less painful scene than doing it on dry skin.

She had a lit candle and a small jar containing alcohol and a few mini-torches. The technique is to take one of the torches, ignite it in the candle flame, run it quickly around the interior of the cup and then stick the cup to the person’s back. When the first one was applied I hardly felt anything at all, not even much pressure from the skin being sucked into the cup. A few subsequent cups she placed caused more pressure. But it did feel good, even when she started moving the cups around on my back, sliding them around on the skin. It was nice, not exactly like a massage to me, but nice. A warm feeling.

Cupping is considered therapeutic and is used at spas or as an alternative to acupressure. Here’s a YouTube demo of it:

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