Back to normal?

This morning I am heading back to the “real world,” my job, temp though it is, it does pay the bills. I am armed with cough drops, cough syrup, generic Musinex, Tylenol, my next dose of antibiotic and my water bottle, as I must get plenty of fluids.

I know it’s ridiculous to write so much about being sick, but this has practically destroyed any desire for BDSM or spanking play the last couple of days, so it’s hard to focus on a kinky topic.

I will say that I know I’ll have a resurgence. Maybe this’ll happen by the weekend. Rad & I were talking about a trip to Maryland to visit spanko friends and attend a party on Saturday night. I think I may pass on traveling this weekend, however. I want to be fully recovered. Locally, it will be OTK night at Paddles so maybe we’ll make an appearance there. But i was also invited to a birthday party. Choices…

After that, who knows? I haven’t gone to a scene party (non-spanking) without my Dom yet, and I may have to test the waters soon. I missed being in sub mode on New Year’s Eve, although, in a funny way, I’ve been in subby/little girl mode the last five days or so as my “Daddy” (Rad) has taken care of me and made sure I was taking my medicine.

I need more than that, of course. But all in good time. No need to rush.

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