Weekend, week ahead

Weekend was lots of fun. I was feeling much better after my pre- and just-past New Year’s illness. My cough lingers mildly, but I’m fine. Obviously, I’m back to work and this’ll be the first full week of the year. My day job is busy, a little tedious, but not difficult or stressful.

Friday night I was tired after a long week, but I was invited at the last minute to a kinky birthday party not too far from where we live. It was a tiny, low-key gathering of friends plus a few people I didn’t know well. I enjoyed the company and watching others play, in spite not being up to playing myself. And the cake was delicious.

On Saturday night it was another kinky birthday party, this one a little more lively. I’d had plenty of time to rest for this one, and I was itching to play. I got to top my friend J., which was fun, although our timing was off — someone decided it was time to sing Happy Birthday right in the middle of our scene, and J. said he couldn’t get back into the right head space afterward. Hopefully he still had a good time.

I bottomed to another friend, a fun Dom I’ve known for the past year but never had the opportunity to do a serious scene with (I think he gave me a few strokes with a cane at one prior party). Saturday’s scene was perfect. He was wicked and unpredictable, and pushed me just right, using nasty toys on my butt, thighs, back and calves. The calves are a particularly difficult place to take pain, speaking for myself. I struggled a little with that, but he ordered me to stay in position and I did my best. I made a lot of noise, though! (If I have to keep still, then I’m going to yell). At one point he leaned over and asked if I’d had enough. I responded, “You’re in charge, Sir.” He grabbed my hair and pulled, saying, “I asked you a question!” I was in pain, but not ready to quit. I only paused briefly before answering: “No, Sir.” He let go of my hair, stepped back and thrashed me some more. Mmmmm.

We were in the basement of our host’s house and there were others around. My friend said we’d have to do a more private, more intense scene soon. Sounds good to me. I hope we can arrange it around both our busy schedules…

Tomorrow I’m off to Brentwood for the Long Island Leather N Roses meeting. Seems like ages since I’ve been out there, but it’s really only been a few weeks. There’s not going to be a demo but rather a planning meeting for upcoming meetings.

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