Story time!

I wanted to post a little update about “My First Spanking,” the spanking anthology I’m editing for Ravenous Romance. I’ve received about 20 stories already, and I am going to start narrowing down my choices, this week.

There is still time to get your stories in, and I could definitely use a few more.

Make them quirky, romantic, or sexy — as long as they meet the guidelines (see details here), send them in! Submissions are due by the end of January. So far I’m enjoying the variety of themes people have submitted.

Ravenous Romance is run by a Domme friend of mine in the local community, and I’m happy to be joining her list of editors. I do realize that I still need to be writing myself. The last several weeks I’ve been very busy with other freelance (editing) projects, but I’ve met all those deadlines and I can now focus on this book and on my own stories. I’m happy I have at least started a new piece of fiction. I’m not happy that I have about 3 or 4 other stories started but not finished. All of these need to be looked at again and fleshed out. But one thing at a time.

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