Pain processing

This post is just a quickie before bedtime; I may expand on it in the morning.

I was asked to speak at the upcoming TES spanking group on Feb. 1, and the topic I picked was something I’ve been wanting to talk about for some time — how to process the pain of a hard spanking or discipline.

I have a rough outline and my own ideas on how I process pain (sometimes, the answer is “not very well”). But I wanted to ask other bottoms, subs, masochists, etc. — how do you accept a hard scene? Do you have a preparatory ritual? Does it depend on what’s happening or the person you’re with?

I’d really love to hear others’ thoughts on this. You can respond here, on FetLife, or shoot me an email ( I’ll probably repeat some of them here in a future blog (let me know whether or not you want your name used, and what name to use if so).


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