Coming soon…

I’m beginning to edit “My First Spanking,” an anthology of spanking stories from a fabulous group of authors, many of them members of the spanking community. Each author had a different idea about how to portray a first spanking and I’m very happy about the wide variety. More to come on that shortly.

In the meantime, my writing will be featured in another book due out soon, “The Spanking Hand Book.” The publisher, Instructing Eve, based in Australia, describes it as an “informative, erotic and beautifully presented eBook that will be focused on spanking with a male/female domination and submission theme. … We are proud to have some of the best and biggest spanking celebrities in the field writing interesting and erotic chapters on how to give, get and enjoy adult spanking.”

For a view into the other side, I was asked to write a piece about spanking men. It’s short and sweet and includes a helpful information box with tips. When it’s ready to go, you’ll be able to purchase it here through my website and eventually through the publishers.

I’m continuing to write; it was a productive week volume-wise but I was not so happy with the quality. I know it’ll emerge eventually if I keep going.

Tomorrow, Rad and I travel to Virginia Beach to the first southern edition of the Fortress of Pervitude (as the parties that used to be held in Jersey City were called). It’s a long drive, but I miss my friends Y & T and I know we’ll have fun.


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