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The Spanking Hand Book – the authoritative guide to adult discipline

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The complete guide to giving and getting a well deserved punishment!

The Spanking Hand Book brings together the world’s most respected authors to share their tips, tricks and experiences in the pleasure and the pain of adult discipline!

Over 40 colour pages of tips and tricks, short stories and erotic spanking illustrations.

The book is everything you want to know about erotic spanking –

  • The art of dishing out a sound punishment
  • New and classic spanking positions
  • Spanking tools from around the home, custom or DIY
  • How to take a punishment
  • The history of erotic adult discipline
  • Women dominating men
  • What NOT to say to your spanker / spankee

It also includes:

  • Erotic short stories
  • Spanking trivia and facts
  • Beautifully illustrated spanking images
  • Spanking cartoons and humour

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The eBook is in a PDF format which means it can be read on your computer,  iPad, iPhone, Kindle or you can print out a colour or black and white.

The authors:
The Spanking Hand Book is written by the world’s best spanking bloggers, film stars, models and authors.  Read their exclusive insider tips on giving and getting a sound spanking.

How to buy: Click on link at right under “Latest News”



  1. Kevin R.

    I just downloaded the new book. I have a feeling I won’t get much done at work today…

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