Working & whining

I posted earlier on FetLife that I was feeling stressed at work, and I was sad because ever since I started this temp job I’ve had to miss activities, especially out in Long Island, because I’m working in Manhattan now.

But I really can’t complain much, I mean, first of all, as someone pointed out to me in response to my little whine, “At least you have a job!” As well they should have pointed that out to me.

But secondly, I can’t complain because I am not lacking for things to do, fun things to do. The long Presidents’ Day weekend was full. I.worked on my book on Friday night; Rad & I hung out with spanko friends on Saturday night; I visited and topped a switch friend of mine on Sunday afternoon; and I visited my former Dom, Spike_NY, on Monday for a very intense play session.

And I hate to admit this, but I’m sure I did not fully catch up on sleep, and that’s probably part of the reason I’m feeling stress at work. I work in a field where I frequently feel I’m in over my head — but I keep showing up on time and doing the best that I can and no one’s asked me to pack up my belongings yet.

But I do miss my friends in Long Island, some of whom get together for a munch every Wednesday. It’s called the “Long Island Kink Enthusiasts’ Munch,” also known “The LIK’EM munch” (the redundancy is overlooked).

When a group gets together frequently and you can’t make it, you feel like you’re missing out, that you’re not as much a part of things, and that people will forget you. Every week, late Wednesday or early Thursday, I see folks in my FetLife feed making friends with new folks and I think, he/she/they look cool, hope I get to know him/her/them soon.

But I’m still making most of the every-other Tuesday Long Island Leather N Roses meetings, if not the pre-meeting munch, so I’m still seeing a lot of people there. Out of sight doesn’t mean completely out of mind.

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