Fine, & how was YOUR weekend?

It’s always a trip going back to work on a Monday morning & have someone ask, “How was your weekend?” The standard answer being “fine,” unless you’ve gone on a trip and have an adventure to share about, or unless something traumatic happened.

I’m never able to talk about what REALLY happened. “Oh, Paddles was a lot of fun on Friday night. I watched this guy give a demo on fire play and cupping — you should have seen the marks it left on his sub’s back–it was really cool. Plus it’s always fun to have the lights dimmed so you can see the flames licking across a beautiful, naked woman…

“Oh, and I got to be tied up on the main stage while my partner did nasty things to me with nipple clamps and a very abrasive piece of rope… That was a little hard to take, but later he rewarded me with a nice whipping…

“Do you want to see my marks? … Oh, this one’s not from this weekend; that’s from a whipping I got a few weeks ago. …oh, and THIS one’s from the time he caned me two weeks ago … yeah, the cane lines on the front of the thighs tend to last a little longer.These?–I think that was that ‘evil stick’ he flicked at me. …this little bruise is from when my husband strapped me–that was on Saturday night, when we went back to Paddles for the OTK night. …what’s THAT mark? …I think that’s just where my cat scratched me the other day.

“Why am I rubbing my shoulder? — I think got a little over zealous when I was paddling this pain slut friend of mine. Hazards of the trade, you know?

“What did you do? …movies? You finally got to see ‘The Artist’? Oh, I’ve been wanting to get to the movies. Never can seem to find the time. I need to get out more.”

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