“Why Spanking?”

The TES Spanking SIG (Special Interest Group) meets tonight, 8-10:30 pm, 260 W. 36th St, 3rd Floor (doors open at 7:30). This is a group I recently agreed to co-facilitate because spanking IS one of my primary kinks. And that’s the topic a panel of spankos will be discussing tonight: “Why Spanking?” …why someone chooses spanking over other S&M activities, what spanking does to a person, and the ways people use spanking–as foreplay, as discipline, as stress-relief?

Panelists include the popular BDSM educator ChrisMarks; interfaith minister, spanking therapist and teacher Rev. Jenellen Fischer; and bottom and pain slut Sol. If another bottom would like to round out this panel, please contact me ASAP at sandy_radbabe@yahoo.com.

I have my own ideas about why I like spanking, which I’ve written about on this & my previous blog many, many times. I may add a little to the conversation tonight. But I look forward to hearing what the panel has to say; I believe they each will offer quite a unique view on what spanking is to them.

Come out and share your views, socialize & meet fellow spankos.


  1. NJSpank

    I am so sorry I missed this, I tried to attend but could not work out some work logistics. I would love to hear more and hope I can make the next meeting.

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