Damn, that week went fast!

it’s Saturday and I’m on the Express bus to the city, bound for Penn Station & a train to Philadelphia. I’m hooking up w “D” later this afternoon for dinner, maybe a local band, & some play. Definitely some play. Haven’t played with D in a LONG time–even though I saw him last Saturday at the Delco Spankos party in Philly, I told him i couldn’t play because i was saving my ass for NauttiBoy in Long Island (I’ll get to him soon).

I’ve blogged about D before. He’s scary. He’s hard, extremely hard. I question my sanity at times, which is part of the reason I haven’t seen him too much recently. But he DOES have a way of bringing me to a headspace that I love. Like some of those scary rollar coasters at Coney Island I wrote about a few months ago, I tell myself I’m going to be OK and I get in line. Once I’m strapped in and the ride begins I’m not so sure anymore that I’ll be OK, but–too late now!

So, D is the metaphorical coaster I’ll be braving later today. I will attempt to write about it later.

Last week’s “Cyclone” was Nauttiboy (to save my fingers I’m going to call him “NB” here on in). NB is a switch (hence the name) but leans more to the top and that’s how i see him. he’s one of those switches that I MIGHT consider topping if he asked, but I would never ask him, as I much prefer seeing him as a dom.

He and I had been trying for MONTHS to hook up privately. I got to play with him a couple of times at parties but these were condensed scenes, albeit very hot and scary in their own right. I wrote about our scene a month or so back at a party at the Oaks Club in Albertson, where he had me flying in subspace (link to come).

I love playing with NB and watching him play. He’s a biker, so first of all, (of course) he wears leather a lot. He’s also got several piercings and lots of beautiful tattoos. Mm. The first time I saw him he was wearing solid kick-ass boots and a kilt. i was a little intimidated! But I soon found out what a super nice guy he was … for a sadist.

Yeah, yeah, I know, he’s not really a sadist in that he wants to go around slicing people up … err, wait a minute, he actually does do that sometimes … he’s a sadist in the strictest clinical sense of the word: He gets sexually turned on by hurting people. You could argue that you’re not a sadist if you only hurt people who WANT to be hurt, but I’m talking about core meanings of the word. He likes to hurt me. AND he’s a nice guy.

i don’t want to make this post too long, so I’ll end here and write separate posts about play with D and NB.

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