1. Wow! Gorgeous writeup and pictures. I always love seeing scene reports and photos that celebrate the male submissive. His bottom is beautiful and the stripes seem expertly administered. I think my favourite part of this was reading about the way he clutched your hand during the punishment. Delicious. Thankyou for sharing!

  2. I really appreciate that. I do admit I like getting “touchy-feely” during play. It kind of thrilled me when he grabbed my hand.

  3. subspaces "J"

    Miss Cassandra,
    Thank You for taking me . Like You i was extremely motivated to receive my discipline . You are a kind yet strict. I too loved holding Your hand , WoW what a connection it made the pain bearable and i craved more as a result. i am committed to press on ant increase my pain level as well connection to Your Domme side so as to receive deeper bruising and more profound stripes.
    Yours in submission ,

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