1. Scarlett

    Thank you for posting this interesting history lesson, Ms. Cassandra. So many new interesting facts! I sure wish I could have attend Leather ‘N Roses.

    I am grateful for your willingness to post the text. After growing up in Tennessee–I think you are spot on about the paddle. (As was my second grade teacher, Miss Jones.)

    I do have one question concerning the coal shovel, if you don’t mind me asking. I have always considered “McClintock!” to be the definitive authority on the use of the coal shovel. That particular town and ranch was in Arizona. You mentioned Wyoming as its provenance–perhaps the reach and breath of the coal shovel (YEEouch!)extends much, much farther than I ever realized.

    With gratitude for your willingness to share your extensive research,

  2. I had several hours to write that yesterday and took a wild guess and picked “Wyoming.” I’m torn between keeping it or changing it to Arizona, now (after maligning Arizona so much).

  3. joe gallo


    I was very lucky to be able to see your presentation in person last night at the LILNR meeting. Not only was it very instructive, you added a dose of humor which spiced up the lesson and had us all laughing several times.

    And, I really enjoyed watching your demonstration of each implement on the male bottom who generously participated in the session. I have never seen so many different implements on one table. And, I think you used almost every implement during the demo turning the bottom from white to pink to red.

    But, the highlight of the night for me, was the spanking that you delivered with several leather implements. Thanks very much.

    Again, thank you for a terrific presentation and demonstration of your spanking skills.


  4. Aww, Joey, you are so nice. I had a lot of fun giving the demo, and it was a pleasure to finally play with you.

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