Now that all the work is done on my books, I can relax and have some fun and maybe write some NEW stuff. It’s been a while since I’ve even talked about a scene!

I did get out to play this week. I hadn’t seen Spike in a while and we were both free on Tuesday afternoon so he invited me to come over. I expected some pain because he told me to bring paddles, but you never know exactly what to expect from him.

He put me into a rather uncomfortable bondage position, which as a rule I enjoy;  however, after a while I had to beg for some release of the pressure. It was the kind of bondage where I felt that if I struggled a tiny bit I might hurt myself, or at least get a cramp.

Someone might say, “Well, don’t struggle,” but at that point he’d started doing painful things to me and I have a hard time staying still for certain types of pain.

After he released me from the bondage, he said he wanted to cane me. That was more up my alley. MOST of the time I can stay still for a caning (although I’ve had some nasty ones that have left me thrashing around) and I like this kind of play. I lay on the bed and gripped the rungs of the foot board as he caned me. He got some good strokes in; I was yelping. In the middle of this he pulled a switch on me and slammed me with the long wooden paddle I’d brought along. Wow! Ow…

He gave me more of the cane, a few more hard paddle strokes, and then a couple with a wicked razor strop he owns. Also very painful. He finally declared me “done,” which was OK with me. Some days I want more, this time I was very satisfied.

I’m off to play volleyball tonight, which I’m pumped about because I had a good week last week. I made t-shirts for the team and I’m going to hand them out tonight (maybe I’ll post a pic later).

I haven’t been working much, which I’m kind of down about, but I’m doing my best to stay positive and focus on my creativity. At least I have one book editing job and that’ll keep me occupied for a week or so.

Weekend activities: I’m going to the Life in Nassau meeting on sounds, which isn’t my thing and thinking about it makes me cringe, but some guys like this kind of play, and I’m going to be supportive of my play partner, Johnny. He’s the demo bottom to presenter LI Sorceress.

Saturday afternoon I’ll be at the LILNR annual picnic, and then Rad and I are heading to Philly for the Delco party.

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