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  1. tanned

    I agree with what you are saying it is very much the same here,
    But it is also nosey neighbors, One who have to know what theirs are doing! I don’t know about the whole of what this place was doing but even when you have a discreat venue and go Vanilla,
    If you don’t have a door person or Evites any body can walk in and say surprise! The media could of got wind of the party from some one and said hey I will just take myself and go get the scoop.The Big Island is a very closed place and when you see people dressed as you said it would be not good at all we do have places that are open and many munches are at state parks so as small as we are if you don’t want to meet a local friend who is Vanilla you go to a private one.
    I stopped going to either when One lady told my Captain he met I was a Spanko,
    And another time I was with one and he was pulled over and while I was talking to one Officer about the Union contract as we have the same union as the PD, He asked the one writing the Ticket what he would say if he knew he had three ounces of Pot in the car!
    I said What the F— are you saying and the one talking to me left and went back to his car!
    Case in point is also Loose Lips sink ships.

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