The spanking season begins in AC; Chicago awaits

So the long-awaited first big spanking event of the year has come and gone: Boardwalk Badness in Atlantic City, which took place April 23-26. As usual, fun times were had. Rad and I shared a suite with Melville, who calls Rad “Daddy,” and we kept the suite open every night and allowed the party organizers to use it during the school session (it became the dance and physical fitness classroom for Dana Specht, who was acting as one of the teachers at the Boardwalk Academy).

The Boardwalk Academy, by the way, is one of the highlights of the party, yet this was my first year being able to participate in it. As you all know, I top AND bottom, and most years this event has conflicted with the Female Tops/male bottoms event on Saturday morning. This year the F/m event was held on Friday so I was able to do both. The Boardwalk Academy organizers get together a full staff of teachers with different skills, as well as hall moniters, deans and disciplinarians, and this year, a detective, who was on location investigating a tip that drugs were being sold at the school. The detective was played by long-time Shadow Lane spanking movie actor Keith Jones.

There had to be close to 40 girls in varying types of school uniform. The leaders tried to keep it strict and school-like … but as these things go, there were still stage whispers and chatter and some passing of notes. To the best of my knowledge, no one got kicked out, but some came close. Sandy, of course, was very well-behaved and my punishment had to be for some trumped-up charge. EVERYONE got called out of class at one point or another, either to see the dean or another disciplinarian or to be “interrogated” by the detective. The dean (played by Strict Dave of Spanking Punishment Court fame) told me I’d handed my school application in late. Trying to play the good school girl (see, you never really want to brat if you don’t exactly know what you’re getting yourself into, and I KNOW how hard Dave can play), I gave him a puzzled look and said, “But Sir, I DID hand it in on time.” It was on the last day, but it was on time! He said, “Not according to my records.” Then he made a phone call that I wasn’t sure was real (it wasn’t) and determined that there was nothing he could do…the records showed that I’d handed it in late and I was to be punished. Pouting just a little, I submitted to his OTK spanking, which hurt but could have been much worse, I know! It did leave me somewhat puzzled and wondering if maybe I’d actually misunderstood the deadline, but I was pretty darn sure I had not missed it! It was all in good fun, and later, our singing class, led my Magic Steve and Texas Mike, got picked to be the entertainment at that evening’s “prom.”

Backtracking a little bit, Thursday night we began our suite parties with a game night, featured something I believe I invented, called “Fifty Shades Madlibs.”

50 Shades MadLibsYes, I know there is probably a dual-copyright infringement going on there, so don’t tell anyone. If you don’t know what Madlibs are, that’s a children’s game where they have short stories with blanks instead of words at key points. Participants are asked to provide parts of speech to fill in the blanks without seeing the story. The results are usually pretty funny, and, as i predicted, the “Fifty Shades Madlibs” did have some hilarious moments.

I’ll talk about some other fun moments of the weekend in another blog, but overall it was quite a fun, yet relaxing, time to spend with some old and new friends. Now we’re ready to head to Chicago in July for the next big event, Crimson Moon. First, next weekend we’re off to Philadelphia for the May Delco party. Never a dull moment … and I’m hoping to get back into writing more about it.


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