TES Fest 2015 now has a spanking track!

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Big news: This year I’m presenting at TES Fest! It’s July 3-6, less than a month away, and I’m so excited to be conducting the spanking track part of the TES Fest schedule of classes. I suggested this to the TES Fest class coordinator because I feel spanking is one part of BDSM that doesn’t always get well represented at the big kink events. I love spanking and I also love the BDSM world, and it’s always great to have an opportunity to try to bridge those worlds a little bit. Happily, she agreed with my suggestion and added me to the schedule.

Classes are a big part of TES Fest, and anything that increases your skills and your knowledge of a particular kind of play goes a long way toward finding better play partners and becoming known as a safer, more intuitive and fun partner (top or bottom).

I hope to make my spanking classes a lot of fun for attendees as I teach practical aspects of spanking. For those who are already in the spanking community, you’ll hopefully get some further insight into different types of play. For those who are more into general BDSM but want to learn more about spanking, there will be practical information about this unique subset of our world.

I am seeking demo bottoms who are attending TES (including switches), so if interested please write me at mscassandrapark@gmail.com.

I look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones at this year’s event! See you there.


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