My TES Fest classes

TES  presenter badge w borderFor those of you who are attending TES Fest next weekend (July3-6), I’ve got the descriptions and times for the classes I’ll be presenting. These are all part of the TES Fest spanking track.

Friday, 5:30-6:45 pm: Protocols and rituals of the spanking scene: Communicating and negotiating to get the scene you crave.

Spanking is NOT “BDSM light” or a gateway drug to BDSM for many players—it is a lifestyle all by itself. This class will discuss spanking rituals and protocols (yes, they do exist) as well as give practical techniques for roleplaying and the different types of play spankos seek out. The class will explore the history of corporal punishment and how this is a frequent spanking theme, as well as the “punishment vs. funishment” debate. We will discuss communicating before and during role play scenes to stay on track, knowing what each partner expects out of the characters you are playing, and reading signs and adjusting play as you go along. There’s no “typical spanko” (and some DO consider it BDSM) but we’ll talk about some of the common mindsets.

Saturday, 10-11:15 am: What a pain in the ass! Accepting pain in spanking play

You love what pain does to you, but how do you handle it while it’s happening? This class will explore techniques and tricks of accepting pain during spanking and discipline play. We’ll discuss knowing your limits and knowing when it’s safe to push them a little, how to negotiate levels of play, recognizing safe vs. unsafe pain, power exchange scenes vs. casual play, how to deal with different types of pain, and how to end the scene (or part of it) if you don’t like safewording. Throughout all, we’ll talk about what pain does and why it’s worth the ride.

Sunday, 2-3:15 pm: Bottom’s Up! How to be a good service top

This class is aimed at bottoms, particularly female, who want to top other players but aren’t sure they have the right mindset. We’ll discuss how “service topping” doesn’t have to be a bad thing, and it can be a VERY good thing if you are submissive and like to serve! We will talk about drawing from your inner resources to take charge and give back what you love to receive, how to scold, and how to physically exhibit dominance. We will demonstrate how to top larger men when you are smaller, even if they want OTK; how to not wear yourself out or hurt yourself, and how to end a scene smoothly. We’ll give tips for dealing with brats, how to deal with undesirable surprises (bad hygiene, for instance) and how to end a scene that you’ve agreed to but aren’t enjoying. We’ll also talk about ways to say no, because that might be necessary after you’ve said yes once. The ultimate goal is to enjoy yourself and not regret saying yes to topping once in a while.

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