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Cass spanks JI enjoy disciplining young men and ladies who need a good lesson. I especially enjoy delivering a no-nonsense bare-bottomed hand spanking, a strapping or belting, or a caning. I do a lot of role play, depending on what the sub is fantasizing about — the strict mom, teacher, babysitter or fed-up neighbor, for instance. And I love brats and SAMs (Smart-Assed Masochists), as long as they are ready to pay! Be prepared to take what you have earned … it’s for your own good. Click on “Gallery” for images.

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  1. subtomnj

    Hi Sandy,
    Thank you so much for dropping me a line and keeping me informed. I missed you at the last 2 otk parties at paddles. I hope to play with you real soon and please keep me in mind if you need a pain slut for your films. As you know I can take a good beating and love every minute of it. Please see my profile in the personal ads at the domsub friends website of males looking for females.
    Thank you very much,

  2. Hey, Tom! Come out to Paddles on Saturday for the OTK night. And we can talk about filming. You definitely would be a great model/pain slut.

  3. Jr

    Hello again sandy, Enjoyed our chat. If you ever go through Ohio and stop off let me know and I’ll give you a ride in the country on my Harley. It would be good for your lungs. Get all that dirty city air cleaned out :)

  4. JP

    Hi Sandy,
    Thank you for the incredible session in Vegas..I thoroughly enjoy being thrashed by you and you always leave me wanting more..:)
    I enjoyed every minute of it…You are truly a pain sluts dream come true..lol.
    Can’t wait til next time.

  5. Jon

    You would look fantastic on a more 1950s attire. Tight(ish) skirt, blouse, jacket – and a leather tawse. Just a suggestion…

  6. frank

    You look fine in everything
    any pics of your feet

  7. Dear Cassandra, I like pretty much all the choices, so had to range them in priority, also have several others I like, which you have not included.

    1. Sexy teacher
    2. classic Mom
    3. classic teacher
    4. corporate
    5. Modern Mom
    6. Babysitter

    Uniforms, Police, Military, wild west brothel look (Basque and stockings), In underwear,

  8. Cassandra Park

    I shoud get a police uniform for halloween — what do you think?

  9. Absolutely you would look great as a Policewoman !! paddle instead of truncheon though !! :)

  10. Mike

    Thanks so much for giving me my first “real” spanking! It was all I imagined and then some.

  11. Mike, it was a blast. Hope to see you again REAL soon. Stop being so NICE, dammit! Well, I’ll have to spank you “just because.” THERE’S your karma!

  12. handyman13

    any active spanking clubs in philly that older people can join.

  13. There is Strictly Spanking Philadelphia, sister group of Strictly Spanking New York. Neither of them are specifically for older people. I’d also suggest joining FetLife and seeing what’s out there. In the meantime, I’ll be in Philadelphia next weekend if you want to set up some play.

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