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  1. steel_falcon

    I hope you don’t mind i leve near Pittsburgh,Pa. I am looking for a diciplanarian not a ProDom that wants to use a strap-on and such. How do i find what I am looking for with out haveing to travel to you or Ms Holly?
    Thanks for you willingness to answer


  2. James Nolan

    How may i schedule a session with you mistress

  3. Steel_falcon: Of course I don’t mind that you live near Pittsburgh. I just happen to live in New York… Please email me; it’s the best way to reach me (I almost missed this comment), and we can talk about scheduling a consultation and arranging for me to travel to Pittsburgh. Thanks for your note and I hope we can meet in the near future.


  4. yossi

    Hi, looking to be spanked. but i’m a hasidic boy. wld u still spank me? if yes, please let me know how to proceed. yossi

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