BBW is in 5 days! Adult speaking & so much more…

The waiting is nearly over. Next Thursday, Rad and I will be in Atlantic City for the fourth Boardwalk Badness Weekend, the official start of the spanking season. I can’t wait to see all my spanko friends from around the country and around the world. Two friends from the UK who will be attending asked me to play, and a third friend from San Francisco asked to set up a scene. I don’t like planning too much in advance of a party, but it’s nice to have one or two sessions lined up. And of course it’s always good to have someone ask you to play. On the top side, I am in negotiations with one cutie who wants me to top him, and I’m hosting the Uniformed Female Tops/bad boys spanked party on Saturday morning. We’ll be there Thursday through Sunday, and will be finishing up the event Sunday evening with the sunset cruise (with lots and lots of spanking) around the harbor. This excursion is now called the “I Luv Adult Speaking” cruise. The first time this trip was being arranged, the owner of the boat was seemingly open-minded enough to allow spanking on the boat. It was soon revealed that he thought our group was into “Adult Speaking.” Quite the snafu, but things were worked out and the trip went forward. So if you ever hear anyone who’s gone to Boardwalk Badness mention “Adult Speaking,” that’s why—it’s become code for spanking.

Thigh turkeys and other delicious treats

hand turkeySpeaking of code, euphamism, and lingo, I’ve noticed new phrases popping up among the spankos I often find myself surrounded with. The first is “thigh turkey.” Based on the turkeys that gradeschoolers draw at Thanksgiving after tracing around their hands, this is an attempt to leave a full handprint by smacking someone’s thigh. The thigh tends to be a better area than the butt for this, because there is a larger area of flat skin, and, if someone’s been playing for a while, hand prints don’t show up as well on a bottom. (Update: here’s an example of a very lovely “butt turkey.”) If the bottom has fair skin, the “turkey” can be very obvious. This is also a pretty painful area to strike, and a lot of speed and force is needed for the full handprint to appear. But it’s an amusing diversion for people into spanking and pain. You can see some examples here and here and here. The thigh turkey is usually not part of discipline play—I think it’s just what some sadists and masochists like to do for fun.

Talk to the hand

The next phrase is “She assed my hand” (or, “I assed his hand.”) This is a new way of describing what sometimes happens when a top has given too many hand spankings over a short period of time and develops a blister, which can at the very least be painful, and can bleed if ignored. An example of what it looks like is here. It can be a source of amusement among tough female bottoms when this happens to a male top, but it really can happen to the best of them and does not mean they are soft players. Remember, when the hand is out of commission, other toys might be taken out and used much sooner. “She assed my hand,” which gives the impression that the butt has been striking the hand, rather than vice versa, reminds me of another turn of phrase I’ve heard in the spanking world. A bottom who’s recently had a severe spanking scene might feel proud and want to show off the bruises on her butt. (We do these kind of things). “What caused that?” someone might ask. Instead of explaining what toys were used, she might reply, “I backed into my top’s paddle.” I’m not sure, but I think the light humor is meant to deflect more serious discussion about the scene and downgrade it to something lighthearted, when in fact a scene that leaves bruises is usually quite intense. For me, I understand the deflection because I can’t share the emotions that I felt during the scene with most people, even though at a spanking party I’ll be surrounded by more than a few other folks who understand.


I’d be curious to hear more spanking lingo that I’ve missed. Please share if you know of any fun phrases, new or old.

In the meantime, I’m looking forward to catching up with friends next week.

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BBW Preview: The Bad Boys party

recruitingposter65 adjusted

As Boardwalk Badness Weekend 2014 fast approaches, I wanted to provide a little info about who’s planning on joining me this year at the Uniformed Female Tops event on Saturday from 11 am to 12 noon. One lady has revealed she’s coming as a nurse; the rest of the uniforms remain a secret. I’m looking at two possibilities, and I think I’ll have it settled by this weekend.

Here are the ladies who so far have said they would be attending, and links to their FetLife profiles:

If anyone would like to be added to the list here, please let me know (and RSVP on the event page). Anyone attending BBW may just show up at this smaller event; you don’t have to tell me ahead of time, although RSVPs are always nice.

Our party will be in the main ballroom and there will be private areas available for the guys who want that. But each of the ladies may pick a table and set up a station there. The guys can come up to whomever they wish to play with who’s free. I do not want anyone who wants a spanking to leave this party without getting one, so anyone who asks me politely will be spanked.

However, all of the ladies may set their own limits. No one is under any obligation to play with everyone.


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April 14: Between the Covers Erotic Reading

Riverdale, NY: FemDomme Stories, Spanking Tales and a Lesbian Take on Sherlock Holmes.

I am greatly honored to be reading alongside these two terrific writers, D.L. King and Debra Hyde. I will be introducing a new story, and I  hope some of you can join us.

From the FetLife event page: “Join us for night of titillating fiction in Riverdale where D.L. King will read from her latest collection of Fem Domme stories, HER WISH IS YOUR COMMAND; Lambda Award Winner Debra Hyde will read from her lesbian take on Sherlock Holmes, and Spanking maven Casandra Park will read from MY FIRST SPANKING.

“We will have our signature dirty word raffle with books and sex toys, as well as the chance to win a corset from (a $150 value) as well as Dudewipes!

“Just take the #1 train to 238th Street and walk up the hill.”

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Boardwalk Badness updated itinerary

Just about one month till the Boardwalk Badness Weekend in Atlantic City! MikeTanner has posted an updated itinerary, with added events, on FetLife. “Make sure you check out the new events and note some minor time changes,” he wrote.

Don’t forget that I’m hosting the “Bad Boys Punished” event on Saturday morning at 11 am in the ballroom. Anyone is welcome and no one who wants a spanking will leave without getting a spanking!

I’ll also be vending books and new t-shirts at the vendor’s fair. Can’t wait to see old friends and meet new ones.

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Discounted registration for BDSM Writers conference

BDSM-Writers-Con-Flyer-3-194x300Dr. Charley Ferrer has allowed me to offer my readers $50 discounts on the BDSM Writers Con, August 21-24, 2014, in New York City. I’m a scheduled lifestyle presenter plus a featured author at the conference.

When you go to the event’s website and click the registration link (here), use the discount code FANS.

Let me know if you have any questions about the conference.

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