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JP & R in Vegas

JP & R in Vegas

Yesterday I posted the image of Sarah Gregory. Today I’m sharing a pic of a couple of my favorite brats, JP from Texas and R from Southern California. I’ve played with these guys on several occasions at Shadow Lane and Florida Moonshine parties.

At the last Shadow Lane party we attended, the two of them, who are friends, rode out with my husband and I to see Hoover Dam, which is not far from Las Vegas. (Hard as it is to believe, sometimes you do other things at spanking parties besides spank.) It was my first time visiting Hoover Dam and I enjoyed the company.

JP and R are both pretty hard players and can take a lot. R (on right, above) is funny as anything, constantly going with the mouth and hardly EVER stops, no matter how hard I spank him. But he’s one of those brats who puts his money where his mouth is. Dishes it out and then takes it, and you get a real reaction out of him. And he’s never nasty or mean — he’s simply a smart ass. Of course this gives me a challenge to smart ass him right back (bratting from the top?) as well as punish him. We have a good time.

JP (on left, above) is fun, too. Very intelligent but slightly quieter, gets a little more submissive when he plays. He told me he loves to be caned and so I’ll use my canes on him whenever we get the opportunity to see each other.

I think meeting R & JP went a long way in my “education” as I topped more and more. Many of the first subs I played with at Paddles NYC were VERY submissive, calling me “Mistress” when I really don’t use that title (I prefer “Ma’am” or “Ms. Cassandra” during a scene). Of course this is not universal by any means, but many of these subs were also somewhat … socially awkward, shall we say? That lent itself well to my taking charge of them, but it didn’t leave me with much respect for them as people and I really had no desire to get to know them outside of the club.

R and JP, and many others I’ve met since my earlier days topping (shout out to G in NYC), were different. They are just regular guys who had the courage to ask for what they were craving. More and more at the larger spanking events, you’ll see men — including switches who are excellent tops — coming out and asking to be topped. And they’re not left with that urge just floating out there unsatisfied — more and more women are now topping.

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