Come forth from the shadows…

It is “Love Our Lurkers Day IV” on Tuesday. This simply means some of the bloggers are being a little more pushy assertive about asking for comments, cuz, well, we want to know who’s reading us. Good luck to any of my fellow bloggers doing this tomorrow, and to Bonnie at MyBottomSmarts who got this thing going four years ago.

The Corporal Consultant blog is new so I didn’t participate last year. But my other blog did, and will be again ( I’m sure you’ll see this mentioned on many blogs on Tuesday. Just pick your favorite (mine, of course) and add a comment that you’ve been hoping to write. If you comment on mine, I’ll go to your blog and comment. Or, someone will get a spanking in your honor.

If you’re reading me, I assume you like my blog and website … What do you like? What would you like to see more of or less of. Any suggestions?


  1. Hi!

    I’m a regular visitor to your blog.
    LOL day is so much fun!


  2. loretta

    Hi Sandy,
    yes I check your blog just about daily, I really miss your subway musings. Give Rad a hug for me, hope to see you at the club over Halloween weekend.
    Hugs Joe and loretta

  3. Hey, L. I promised to write about spanking today (and I’m behind on that, but will write on the road and post it later). But I’ll be open to some inspiration on the ride in today, and if something strikes me I’ll certainly write it down.

    how are you guys doing?

  4. Hermione, thanks! I’m way behind, but will allow myself more time to catch up this week. As I commented on Bonnie’s blog, I didn’t realize how huge this had gotten.

  5. Hi Sandy,

    To tell you the truth, *I* didn’t realize how huge LOL Day has gotten either! :)

    I’m not sure why, but I figured your domme persona might attract more repentant de-lurkers. Perhaps they’re awaiting more direct instructions?

    Anyhow, thanks for your help in making LOL Day a great success!


  6. Well, I’m resigned to the fact that there’s no way I can check ALL those blogs out. But it does help you to become acquainted with new writing. And it also got me inspired to be more active…

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